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The Steven L. Washington Law Firm understands the importance of the entertainment industry and the depth of commitment required to exude such artistry. Entertainers have enough to focus on when it comes to growing as an artist and delivering their talent to the world, leaving little time or effort to pour into the legal realities associated with this industry.

Entertainment law encompasses all sectors of the entertainment industry and subject areas that span across intellectual property, contracts, business associations, and more. The Steven L. Washington Law Firm is more than familiar with what it takes to keep forging ahead through all the bumps and twists associated with this industry. The business is fast-paced and we are here to help the client work through obstacles that may arise, so he/she can remain focused on their talent with confidence.


With a proven track record of success and superb ratings, the Steven L. Washington Law Firm is prepared to address personal injury claims. Accidents can occur at any time and cause minor, major, severe or life-threatening injuries. It is essential to have a personal injury attorney who handles several types of injury claims and masterfully win cases against defendants, their legal representation, and insurance companies who want to compensate the client with little money.

Attorney Steven L. Washington and his team have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for injury victims and their families. With a great deal of preparation, research and experience we will help clients pursue the maximum compensation, recover lost wages, and cover any medical bills incurred.

We take pride in the relationships we develop with our clients while handling their cases. We will aggressively fight for our clients while keeping their best interests in mind! From car accidents to medical malpractice cases, we will exert all efforts to attain the settlement our clients deserve!

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